Welcome to the 'afternoon delight' of training programs. By Ruth Spencer & Lena Groeger.

The truth is, journalists use data every day in their reporting. Always have and always will.

What differentiates then from now is the approach.

In the past, journalists would keep data to themselves; but that way of doing things is dead.

Journalists used to think that data would overwhelm their readers, so they buried numbers and figures within their stories. Turns out, they were wrong. Users want access to the same information the journalists have. Today, we’ve developed an entire field dedicated to just that.

There are plenty of resources online dedicated to teaching data skills to journalists. We’re not going to replicate what’s already available. Context is key when learning something new, so we’re not going to take a step-by-step approach. Instead, we’re presenting a set of building blocks that contribute to an overall understanding of what data journalism is and how to it fits into what you’re already doing. 

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